Community Voice creates opportunities for residents to turn ideas into action.  It does this by enabling local people to suggest ideas to improve their community and for these ideas to be debated and rated by the wider community. This produces prioritised lists of ideas under any number of different topics concerning the local area.

Popular ideas can then be turned into projects, targets set and commitment for the required resources can be crowd-sourced by the local community.

Once the targets are met and resources are identified, projects can confidently move forward and actions/outcomes logged on the system as they materialise.

Where finance is required, our team can help to progress projects to crowd-funding (on a variety of other websites) utilising either community share schemes, share equity or rewards in return for the necessary funding.

The information and priorities generated by Community Voice should be promoted by a mix of digital and traditional media to include local publications which will act as a powerful means of raising awareness and engagement. This can also help to make traditional media far more interactive.