Community Voice is a service provided by VocalEyes Digital Democracy.

Community Voice helps us to clarify our ever changing priorities and strengthen our collective voice for the community.

Using Community Voice we are better able to inform local councils and planning processes about the needs of our community. Together we can develop our strategy and work together to bring local projects to fruition.

Chair, Local Action Group

Digital Democracy
VocalEyes is designed to enable digital democracy and make it easier for us to engage as active citizens in decision making and informing policy makers.

Electoral Wards in Wales
Electoral Wards in Wales

Crowdsourcing Projects
In many cases, the best ideas identified via VocalEyes may well need people to make some level of commitment or contribute resources to bring the ideas to fruition. VocalEyes makes it easy to create “Projects” where the necessary resources and commitment can be crowdsourced.

Constitutional Conventions
Whether it’s a crowdsourced strategy, a wiki-manifesto or a people’s constitutional convention, VocalEyes gives stakeholders, (i.e. citizens, residents, tenants, students, staff, customers etc.), a say in shaping the future of their organisation or community.

Decision Making in our Geographic Communities
When VocalEyes users compete their personal profile and enter a postcode, they are then automatically dropped into geographic area groups enabling them to engage in decision making at the community, district and country levels.

The level of engagement was considerably more than I expected and this will really help in shaping our Plan.

Many users have commented to me about how well VocalEyes worked for this exercise.

We are now starting to turn the ideas into action to improve our community.

Chair, Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee

Informing Strategy
In this way, VocalEyes is built to capture the Big Data of our collective citizen’s voice which can be easily downloaded and presented at meetings and used to help inform decision makers regarding future policies and strategies.

Replicating Innovative Ideas and Projects
The sharing of best practice across similar stakeholder communities is another feature that is embedded at the heart of VocalEyes Digital Democracy. As great ideas progress through to actions and tangible outcomes that have proven social, environmental and economic benefits, these are then easily shared, seeded and replicated throughout other similar groups.

OUR VISION: Route Map to a Sustainable Future
It is our vision that if the best ideas and projects can be replicated throughout similar organisations and communities anywhere in the world, we can create route map to a sustainable future that is easy to comprehend and visualise. In this way, we can inspire people to participate and progress our communities at every level to bright future, full of possibilities.

Districts in England
Districts in England

Trending Ideas and Collaborative Projects
Capturing our priorities in our communities also presents us with the opportunity to view trending challenges and ideas across geographic areas. The data evidence of these trends can then be used as a basis for collaborative projects.

Sponsored Topics Enabling National Conversations
Another way for organisations to engage the public is via a VocalEyes function called “Sponsored Topics” which enable external bodies to share their topics (questions or challenges) across any number of stakeholder groups that they may wish to consult.

Revenue Generation from Consultations
The receiving groups of Sponsored Topics then have the option of whether to monetise this process and charge external bodies to consult with their stakeholders. In this way, VocalEyes can become an innovative source of revenue generation while at the same time empowering stakeholders to engage in conversations that may have previously been quite challenging.

Participatory Budgeting
Through the “Budgets” function, VocalEyes enables groups to engage their stakeholders in the prioritisation of how budgets are spent. As the best ideas are progressed, committed to and budgets are spent, the expenditure is logged against the budget making the process transparent.

View the VocalEyes – Community Voice process here: